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Administrative Secretariat- Death-Cum-Retirement  Gratuity in respect of late.Malika.Y, Senior Grade Assistant, General Administration Department, Government  Secretariat to her sisters Smt.Suryaprabha.Y and Smt.Amuda.Y, Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1975/2015/GAD                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.03.2015

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment- Change in Family  Pension Nominee in respect of Shri.Gopalakrishanan.G, Senior  Grade Assistant (Retd)- Sanctioned to the second wife, the eligible member of the family-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1324/2015/GAD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.02.2015.

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment- Death- Cum- Retirement Gratuity in respect   of Late.Binu.T, Office Attendant to  his Mother Smt.Suseele.K, - Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1024/2015/GAD                               Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,10.02.2015.

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Administrative Secretariat- Family Pension in respect of late Vijayakumar Thampi.K, Security Guard I, on Special duty as Assistant Security Officer to his wife Smt.Kumari Amuda,V- Santined-Orders issuied.
G.O.(Rt)No.1382/2014/GAD                          Dated, Thiruvbananthapuram,26*02/2015.

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General administration-Election on April 8 2015 in local self institution-Restriction in transfer of officials-orders issued

go(Rt)No.2233/2015/GAD                  Dated,Thiruvananthapuram.26/03/2015

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General Administration (Sainik Welfare) Department- Amalgamated Fund- Construction of Sainik Rest House at Malappuram- Revised- Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.2176/2015/GAD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,25.03.2015

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General Administrative Department- Smt.N.Kamalamma- Kerala freedom fighters  continuous pension -sanctioned-orders issued
G.O.(Ms)No.94/2015/GAD       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,21.03.2015

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Secretariat- Establishment- Finance Department-Promotion and Posting of Officer-Orders issued.
G.O..(Rt)No.2154/2015/GAD                  Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.03.2015

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General Administrative Department- post of computer Assistant cadre strength reg.
G.O.(Rt)No.2098/2015/GAD       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.03.2015

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment- Conversion of Computer Assistant to the post of Confidential Assistant Gr-II- Willingness called for - Reg.
No.7058/ SE2/2015/GAD                       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,17.03.2015

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment-Posting of - Section Officers-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.2089/2015/GAD                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,23.03.2015.

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment- Sri.Ulhas Sasi, Section Officer- Leave Without Allowances for taking up employment abroad- Granted-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.2107/2015/GAD                    Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.03.2015

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment- Posting of Smt.Shaina.V, Section Officer-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1916/2015/GAD                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,17.03.2015

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Government Secretariat- Establishment- Law Department- Transfer and Posting of Officer-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.2106/2015/GAD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.03.2015

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General Administrative Department- chief ministers Janasamparkaparipadi 2015-Including UID Number,Bank Account Number Mobile Number reg.  
G.O.(Rt)No.2085/2015/GAD       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,23.03.2015

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General Administration (Sainik Welfare) Department- Surrender of Earned Leave in respect of the Managing Director of KEXCON- Granted-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)NO.2096/2015/GAD           Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,23.03.2015.

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General Administration (Sainik Welfare) Department- Disciplinary action against Sri.M.R.Davis, Zila Sainik Welfare Officer- Enquiry Officer appointed-Orders issued.
G.O.(Ms)no.91/2015/GAD                    Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.03.2015

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General Provident Fund(Kerala ) Conversion of Temporary Advance into a Part Final withdrawal- Sri.Rajesh.M.S, Section Officer,Administrative Secretariat- Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1971/2015/GAD           Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.03.2015

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Administrative Secretariat- Establishment Smt.Ramani Kumari.S, Office Superintendent- Special Casual Leave- Sanctioned-Orders issued.    
 G.O.(Rt)No.1780/2015/GAD       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,12.03.2015

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General Administration (Accounts) Department- Payment of Electricity charges of the Secretariat buildings for the month of February 2015- Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1784/2015/GAD                    Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,12.03.2015

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