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Water Resources

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file icon 881_15new!Tooltip 01/24/2015 Hits: 7

Water Resources Department-Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency-"Add-on-Project of Jalanidhi"-Rs.100.00 crores released-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.56/2015/WRD              Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,21.01.2015.

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Water Resources Department-Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency-Implementation of Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge (RWH & GWR) programme-Rs.2.00 crores released-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.26/2015/WRD              Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,12.01.2015.

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Water Resources Department-Establishment-Continuance sanction for the temporary posts in Irrigation Department from 01/07/2013 to 31.03.2015-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.50/2015/WRD                     Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.01.2015.

file icon 653_15Tooltip 01/19/2015 Hits: 20

Water Resources Department-Kerala Water Authority-Budget Estimate for 2014-15-Release of Plan and Non plan Fund for Projects under LAC-ADS-Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.46/2015/WRD                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.1.2015.

file icon 652_15Tooltip 01/19/2015 Hits: 17

Water Resources Department-Kerala Water Authority-Judgment dated 25/09/2013 in WP(C) No.1543/04 filed by Sri.P.Aruchamy, Watchman,Kerala  Water Authority (Kavitha Bhavanam,Surya Nagar, Akathethara( P.O),Palakkad)and two others -Complied with-Orders issued,
G.O.(Rt)No.1224/2014/WRD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,31.12.2014.

file icon 666_15Tooltip 01/19/2015 Hits: 20

Water Resources Department- Sri.Krishnadasan thadathil,typist,sub division,Palakkad -deputation  period -Regularized - Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.44/2015/WRD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.01.2015.

file icon 665_15Tooltip 01/19/2015 Hits: 15

Water Resources Department- Smt.Sindhu.K.K,Assistant Executive Engineer,Koothattukulam -  unavailed   deputation  period -Cancelled-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.45/2015/WRD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.01.2015.

file icon 347_15Tooltip 01/12/2015 Hits: 25

Water Resources Department-Command Area Development Authority-Grant-in-Aid 2014-15-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.924/2014/WRD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,25.09.2014.

file icon 346_15Tooltip 01/12/2015 Hits: 19

Water Resources (CAD) Department-Accounts-Remittance of Telephone Charge on official Telephone No.TVM-C-2324070  for the period from 01.10.2014 to 30.11.2014-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1218/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthpauram,29.12.2014.

file icon 82_15Tooltip 01/06/2015 Hits: 42

Water Resources Department-NABARD RIDF XX-Projects approved by NABARD-Change in the name of the work-Erratum issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1220/2014/WRD              Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,30.12.2014.

file icon 26_14hot!Tooltip 01/05/2015 Hits: 51

Water Resources Department-Dam Rehabilitation Improvement Project (DRIP)-Rehabilitation and Improvement of basin facilities of Neyyar Irrigation Project-Tender Excess approved-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.118/2014/WRD                Dated, Thiruvananthpuram,30.12.2014.

file icon 43_14Tooltip 01/05/2015 Hits: 42

Water Resources Department-"Kerala Water Authority (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupation and Removal of Unauthorized Constructions) Regulations,2014"-Approval of Government granted under Section 65 of the Kerala Water Supply and Sewerage Act 186-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.112/2014/WRD                  Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.12.2014.

file icon 13990_14Tooltip 12/31/2014 Hits: 31

Water Resources Department -CADA-Sri.S.Naushad- Deputation-extended -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1215/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,26.12.2014.

file icon 13984_14Tooltip 12/31/2014 Hits: 29

Water Resources Department-"Thottumugham LI Scheme in Varandarappilly Panchayath"-Technical Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1216/2014/WRD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,27.12.2014.

file icon 13876_14Tooltip 12/27/2014 Hits: 33

Water Resources Department -CADA -Sri.R.Ratheesh,Senior grade Assistant -appointments on Deputation  basis -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1197/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,22.12.2014.

file icon 13877_14Tooltip 12/27/2014 Hits: 32

Water Resources Department -CADA -smt..C.Preetha,Typist -Deputation-extended -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1211/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24.12.2014.

file icon 13788_14Tooltip 12/26/2014 Hits: 29

Water Resources Department-Deputation of Dr.Sabu Varghese, Assistant District Planning Officer, District Office Idukki as Regional Project Director in Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency-Period extended-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1181/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.12.2014.

file icon 13733_14Tooltip 12/24/2014 Hits: 34

Water Resources Department-Command Area Development Authority-Department Car Maruti Esteem KL-08-AE-323-Payment of fuel charges during November,2014-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1205/2014/WRD                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,2.12.2014.

file icon 13732_14Tooltip 12/24/2014 Hits: 32

Water Resources Department -CADA -Sri.C.L.Deepu,Computer Assistant -appointments on Deputation -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1195/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,19.12.2014.

file icon 13731_14Tooltip 12/24/2014 Hits: 39

Water Resources Department -CADA -Sri.T.Ramadas,section officer -Deputation-extended -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.1161/2014/WRD            Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,06.12.2014.

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