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file icon 7288_14new!Tooltip 07/30/2014 Hits: 7

Revenue Department- Chengara land fighters 51 families and 183 members sanctioned the land-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.285/2014/RD.                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,02.07.2014.

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Revenue Department- Construction of Anganwady-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.251/2014/RD                    Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,10.06.2014. 

file icon 7272_14new!Tooltip 07/30/2014 Hits: 9

Revenue Department-Illegal Issue of :Pattayam at Peringom Village- Kannur-VC3/14/KNR Case against Sti.T.Ramachandran, former Additional Tahasildar, Land Tribunal Payyannur-place under suspension-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3333/2014/RD                   Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,23.07.2014.

file icon 7168_14hot!Tooltip 07/24/2014 Hits: 50

Revenue Department-Surprise Check at Kollam East Village Office- Action under KCS & CCA rules 1960 initiated against Sri.G.Prasenan,former village Office,Finalized by issuing Censure-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3215/2014/RD                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,17.7.2014.

file icon 7087_14Tooltip 07/22/2014 Hits: 33

Revenue Department-Revision Petition filed by Sri.N.M.Abdul Nazar U/s 83(2) of KRR Act-disposed of complied with Judgment dated 13-2-14 in WP(C)4413/14-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.309/2014/RD                 Thiruvananthapuram,Dated,18.07.2014.

file icon 7056_14Tooltip 07/21/2014 Hits: 33

Revenue Department-Legal Metrology Establishment-Sri.P.M. Nazeer, Assistant Controller (Rtd), Suspension period regularised-Order issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3250/2014/RD                     Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,19/07/2014.

file icon 6917_14Tooltip 07/19/2014 Hits: 44

Revenue Department-Survey No.688/2-lands in Kaniyarkode Village,Thrissur-Owner ship-re-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.304/2014/RD                  Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,17.07.2014.

file icon 6924_14Tooltip 07/19/2014 Hits: 18

Revenue Department-Assignment on lease for an extent of 40.47 Ares of land comprised in Re.Sy.No.84, Block No 49 at Parassala Village of Neyyattinkara Taluk in Thiruvananthapuram District to the Kerala Water Authority for the construction of Kalippara Water Scheme for a period of 30 Years-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.299/2014/RD.                   Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,16.07.2014. 

file icon 6904_14hot!Tooltip 07/17/2014 Hits: 50

Revenue Department-Disciplinary action against Sri.K.S.Sabu,Village Officer (Under [suspension),Thrikkakkara North Village-Order of the Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No.230/14 complied with-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3172/2014/RD              Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,11.7.2014.

file icon 6894_14hot!Tooltip 07/17/2014 Hits: 72

Revenue-Establishment-Transfer of Deputy Directors-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3184/2014/RD                    Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,14.07.2014.

file icon 6634_14Tooltip 07/10/2014 Hits: 42

Revenue Department-Legal Metrology-Establishment-Employment Assistance under Compassionate Employment Scheme-Smt.Jayalakshmi w/o Late.S.Ramchandran Pillai,Jayamandirum,Veruvally Bhagam, Kayamkulam,Alappuzha- Appointment as Lower Division Clerk-Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.291/2014/RD                           Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,05.07.2014.

file icon 6599_14Tooltip 07/10/2014 Hits: 29

Revenue Department-Assignment on lease of an extent of 4 cents of land comprised in Block No.44,Re.Sy.No.392 of Veeranakkavu Village at Nedumangad Taluk in Thiruvananthapuram District, to the Chinthalaya Asramam Trust for a period of 30 years-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.294/2014/RD            Dated,Thruvananthapuram, 09.07.2014.

file icon 6423_14hot!Tooltip 07/07/2014 Hits: 84
Revenue Department- Rajiv Rinn Yojana-Notifying Village Officer as income certifying official for the Rajiv Rinn Yojana Scheme-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3082/2014/RD                     Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,04.07.2014.
file icon 6373_14hot!Tooltip 07/05/2014 Hits: 214

Revenue Department-Establishment-Promotion,transfer and postings of Deputy Collectors/Additional District magistrates/Revenue Divisional Officers/Assistant Commissioners/Assistant Secretary/Administrative Officer-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3079/2014/RD              Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,04.07.2014.

file icon 6262_14hot!Tooltip 07/03/2014 Hits: 53

Revenue Department- Protection of Electronic  Voting Machine- Retrocession of  land to Revenue Department- Orders issued.
 G.O.(MS)No.280/2014/RD               Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,01.07.2014.

file icon 6263_14Tooltip 07/03/2014 Hits: 32

Revenue Department- Construction of Library Building-   lease on land  Kasargod Block Panchayt-Administrative  Sanction-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.279/2014/RD                 Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 01.07.2014.

file icon 6170_14hot!Tooltip 07/01/2014 Hits: 58

Revenue Department-Disciplinary action against Smt.Krishnankumari.C.R. Additional Tahasildar,Kanayannoor Taluk under Suspension-Order of the Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No.86/14 complied with-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.2908/2014/RD                 Dated,Thiruvananthapuram.25.06.2014.

file icon 6112_14Tooltip 06/30/2014 Hits: 40

Revenue Department- Permissive Sanction for Drugs Control Department- Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.268/2014/RD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,24.06.2014.

file icon 6111_14Tooltip 06/30/2014 Hits: 31

Revenue Department-Judgement in W.P.(C) No.31526/13, filed by M/s RAS Associate-NOC to Industries Department for allowing  M/s RAS Associates to mortgage 20 Cents of land-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.2702/2014/RD                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,18.6.2014.

file icon 6052_14Tooltip 06/28/2014 Hits: 47

Revenue Department-Disciplinary action against Sri.T.S.Gopinathan Nair, former Village Officer, Vadasserikara,Ranni Taluk,Pathanamthitta under Rule 59(b) Part III KSR-dropped-Orders issued.
G.O.(MS)No.2642/2014/RD                     Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 13.6.2014.

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