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file icon 6411_13hot!Tooltip 10/01/2013 Hits: 271

Agriculture (AH) Department-Formation of Goat Development Corporation-Expert committee for feasibility study -Orders amended.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1693/2013/Agri                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 26.9.2013.

file icon 6412_13hot!Tooltip 10/01/2013 Hits: 210

Secretariat-Agriculture (AH) Department-Veterinary Services and Animal Health-Construction works of Animal Husbandry Department-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1689/2013/AD.                             Thiruvananthapuram, Dated, 26.09.2013.

file icon 6410_13hot!Tooltip 10/01/2013 Hits: 157

Agriculture Department-Annual Plan 2013-14-Sustinable Management of Water Resources for Water Security in Pulpally and Mullankolly Panchayaths of Wayanad District-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No.288/2013/AD                               Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,30.09.2013.

file icon 6409_13hot!Tooltip 10/01/2013 Hits: 263

Agriculture Department-Annual Plan 2013-14-Karshika Karmasena-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No. 280/2013/AD                               Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 27-09-2013.

file icon 6365_13hot!Tooltip 09/30/2013 Hits: 293
Agriculture Department - Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd- Appointment of Sri. A.J. Sharan Kumar as Managing Director, Kerala Agro Industries Corporation ratified - terms and conditions fixed - orders issued
G.O (Rt) No. 1665/13/AD    Thiruvananthapuram,  23-09-2013 
file icon 6358_13hot!Tooltip 09/30/2013 Hits: 179

Agriculture Department-Debt Relief-Final Orders/Awards passed by the Kerala State Farmers Debt Relief Commission on individual applications of farmers in various districts- Disbursement of debt relief-Sanctioned- Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No.278/2013/AD                          Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 26/09/2013.

file icon 6357_13hot!Tooltip 09/30/2013 Hits: 264

Agriculture Department- Annual Plan 2013-14-Support Farmer Registration and e-payment System-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No. 276/2013/AD                           Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 25-09-2013.

file icon 6333_13hot!Tooltip 09/28/2013 Hits: 617

Agriculture (PPM Cell) Department-Rashtriya Hrishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) 2013- 2014-Implementation of projects sanctioned by the SLSC meeting held on 29.08.2013-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.

G.O.(MS) No. 279/2013/AD                            Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 27.09.2013.

file icon 6261_13hot!Tooltip 09/27/2013 Hits: 224
Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department - Establishment & Strengthning of Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries (75% Centrally Sponsored Scheme) -Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders issued.
G.O (Rt) No. 1645/13/AD    Thiruvananthapuram, Dated.   13-09-2013
file icon 6238_13hot!Tooltip 09/26/2013 Hits: 275
Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department - Establishment - Dr. S. Chandrankutty, Additional Director - Reversion to Joint Director - Posting - Orders issued
G.O (Rt) No. 1683/13/AD    Thiruvananthapuram,   25-09-2013 
file icon 6196_13hot!Tooltip 09/25/2013 Hits: 256

Agriculture Department-Establishment-Compassionate Employment Scheme-Sri.S. Arjunan, appointed as Civil Police Officer in Palakkad District-Amended-Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No. 275/2013/AD                    Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 24.09.2013.

file icon 6134-13hot!Tooltip 09/24/2013 Hits: 228

Agriculture Department- Debit Relief recommended by the Kerala State Farmers Debit Relief Commission in the revised final order issued in R.P. No.2378/13/WD in Application No. 50554/08/Wd- Disbursement of debit relief- Sanctioned- Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No. 265/2013/AD                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 05/09/2013.

file icon!Tooltip 09/23/2013 Hits: 205

Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department-Extension & Training- Construction works of Animal Husbandry Department- Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1553/2013/AD                          Thiruvananthapuram, Dated.02.09.2013.

file icon!Tooltip 09/23/2013 Hits: 207

Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department- Strengthening of Department Farms - Construction works of Animal Husbandry Department- Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders issued

 G.O.(Rt) No. 1636/2013/AD.                        Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 13.09.2013.

file icon 6024_13hot!Tooltip 09/13/2013 Hits: 279

Agriculture (PPM Cell) Department- Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana(RHVY) 2013-2014-Implementation of Projects- Utilization of 1% of RKVY fund towards administrative cost- Break-up and release of Rs 103.70 lakh- Sanctioned- Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No.272/2013/AD                         Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 12.9.2013.

file icon 6022_13hot!Tooltip 09/13/2013 Hits: 165

Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department-Meat Products of India Ltf.-Payment of Bonus/Special Festival Allowance/Production Incentive/Ex-gratia/Recoverable Advance for the Year 2012-13 -Sanctioned- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1628/13/AD                                  Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 12.09.2013.

file icon 6012_13hot!Tooltip 09/13/2013 Hits: 652

Agriculture Department- Proposal for the Integration of ATMA and LEADS into ATMA PLUS and External monitoring of ATMA PLUS- Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No.1606/13/AD.                               Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 10.09.2013.

file icon 5985_13hot!Tooltip 09/12/2013 Hits: 189

Agriculture (WTO Cell) Department- Constitution of a Technical Committee for the evaluation and final selection of architectural designs for the construction of the Agri Mall at Agricultural Urban Wholesale Market, Anayara- Sanctioned- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1625/2013/AD                        Thiruvananthapuram, Dated,12.09.2013.

file icon 5980_13hot!Tooltip 09/12/2013 Hits: 271

Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Department- Plan Schemes- Door step and Domiciliary Veterinary Services- Administrative  Sanction accorded- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) NO.1555/2013/AD                                  Thiruvananthapuram, Dated,2.9.2013.

file icon 5973_13hot!Tooltip 09/12/2013 Hits: 209

Animal Husbandry Department- Plan Scheme 2013-14-Extension and Training- 2403-00-109-96(P) - Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders issued.

G.O.(Rt) No. 1622/2013/AD                      Thiruvananthapuram,Dated, 11.09.2013.

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