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State Election Commission

State Election CommissionCorporation Office Building Complex, LMS Junction, Thiruvananthapuram-33
State Election Commissioner0471-2320348
Fax: 0471-2328157
Fax: 0471-2328158
Additional Secretary and Senior Administrative Officer
Fax; 0471-2328158
Additional Secretaries0471-2320789/2334130
Law Officer



Fax: 0471-2338288

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State Election Commission, Kerala came into existence on 3rd December 1993 as envisaged in Article 243(k) of the Constitution of India. The superi ntendence, direction and control of preparation of voters list and conduct of election to the local self government Institution vest with the Commission.
Kerala is the acknowledged leader in the country in empowerment of Panchayati Raj and Nagar Palika Institutions. In accordance with the letter and spirit of the 73rd and 74th amendments to the Indian Constitution, it has devolved substantial responsibilities to its local government along with the funds and functionaries required to discharge them. The hallmark of Kerala's decentralization is participatory planning, by which people decide their own priorities locally which are then transformed into projects by the local governments and implemented by them. During the current year Rs.1375 crores, more than 1/4 th of the State Budget has been set apart as untied Plan Grant-in-aid to local governments for decentralized planning.

Naturally, in such a context the State has strengthened independent institutions of which the State Election Commission is the best example. The State Election Commissioner has several unique powers, of which the salient ones are

  • SEC chairs the Delimitation Commission which delimits local government constituencies.
  • He has full powers to conduct local government elections including disciplinary powers over staff who are on election duty.
  • SEC assigns reserved posts and constituencies.
  • SEC can disqualify candidates who do not submit election accounts.
  • He has disqualify candidates found guilty of defection.
  • He can disqualify elected representative who do not convene the Grama Sabha.
  • Election to Local Governments in Kerala are fought on political lines. Its features include; selection of capable candidated by political parties, active campaigns, intense media interest and high voter turnout.